Our garden is set to become a haven of relaxation immersed in nature offering a unique vibe and, above all, a source of products to be delivered to your table.
We take great care in our organically cultivated orchard, allowing quality km0 local products to our dishes. Always taking into account the island precious resources, we have opted for sustainable and disposable organic serviettes and tablecloths avoiding their washing and therefore saving all the water to care exclusively for our soil.
Our internationally acclaimed restaurant creative director Manu Crotti wanted to create a “natural pop’ vibe through the energy of color and the power of nature to convey our own synthesis of Ibiza.
Our intention through art, nature, high quality products masterly employed by our expert chef and our staff’s friendly service, is to offer a delightful dining experience and become a meeting point for people from different cultures and nationalities that populate and visit our island.


Lloc Venda De Safragell 37, 07812 Sant Joan de Labritja, Balearic Islands, Spain

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